Cork Supreme Hybrid II


The Supreme Control racket, in a tear-drop shape with a medium balance, is suitable for defensive players who prioritize control in their game.

The Supreme II has been structured for high-level competition, designed for technically advanced players. Its high percentage of carbon gives the Supreme II a stiffer feel, allowing players to have more defensive control over their game and the racket to have a greater degree of power.

Nevertheless, the Supreme II maintains the excellence in terms of comfort and low vibrations of a Cork racket. Always with Cork Padel’s exclusive anti-vibration system.

The Supreme Hybrid II has been designed to bring together all the characteristics in one racket, combining control, power, durability, and maneuverability. It is the perfect compromise between attack and defense. Its hybrid format results in a wide sweet spot and a medium to high balance.

The rubber at the center of the racket has a unique and innovative technology, a semi-cross hole, resulting in controlled exit with a wide and controlled sweetspot, eliminating the trampoline effect during defense and providing more power in defensive heights. It features a new lid technology that further reduces vibrations thanks to its softer composition and oval shape for better grip versatility.

We advise you to test the racket before purchasing via our “Try a Cork” button.

  • Power: 90%
  • Exit: 75%
  • Handling: 85%
  • Sweet Spot: 90%
  • Control: 90%


  • Ideal for advanced/defensive players who prefer a balanced and controlled racket.
  • Exclusive model, 100% Portuguese.
  • Racket customization – may take up to 10 business days.
  • Delivery time – delivery within 3 business days.
  • Customizations are only made on one side of the racket.