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Discover our Technology

Our rackets are handmade in Portugal with quality materials and new technologies.

More than making racquets, we create high performance products that will change your game!

100% handmade

Cork Padel makes all its rackets by hand, in a small workshop in Portugal.
No mass production, just pure craftsmanship.
You can feel and even taste the pride just by looking at a Cork racket.

Patented anti-vibration

Cork Padel is the only brand to have a patented anti-vibration system.
A system that really works.
Say goodbye to nagging injuries and sore wrists and elbows.

Supreme carbon

Carbon comes in a variety of fibres, from 3k to 24k, giving different stiffness and feel.
Cork Padel only uses the best carbon fibres, because we value high quality over cheap quantity.

Technical precision

Cork Padel excels in technical precision: the testing and research behind each model is second to none.
We don't believe in having 37 different models. We have 6.
Six brilliant models, for every type of player.

At Cork we believe in quality and perfection.

The cork

Quite simply, cork! Cork is a natural, environmentally-friendly material extracted from the bark of the Mediterranean tree Quercus suber.
Cork is extremely hard-wearing and strong, yet comfortable. It gives each Cork racket a unique and different design.

Innegra fiber

A high-performance elastic fibre used by NASA and F1, innegra withstands the hardest hits.
Innegra adds durability and longevity to a Cork racquet. That's why our rackets last longer than any other brand on the market.


We only work with top-quality EVA foam, ranging from a soft version for a cushioned feel to a high-recovery version for a fast, high game.


Cork Padel has developed a unique semi-perforated drilling technique.
The semi-perforated cross gives you both more control and more power in all your shots.
All Cork Padel models are equipped with this unrivalled technique.
Cork prides itself on having the best finished padel racket.
From the weight to the gram and the many hours of handwork to the gold inlay on our models: it's all about class, quality and luxury.