Cork Premium Control


The Premium Control racquet, in teardrop format with medium balance, is suitable for defensive players who prefer control in their game.

Using the new exclusive and unprecedented asymmetrical hole pattern, it has been designed to optimize a wide sweet spot, with a hole diameter for each specific area of ​​the racquet.

The gum in the center of the racquet has a unique and innovative technology, a half-drilled cross, this half-drilled in the center results in a controlled exit with a wide and controlled sweet spot, removing the trampoline effect when defending and giving greater power in defensive height. It features new cap technology that further reduces vibration derived from its softer composition and oval shape for better gripping versatility.

Always with the exclusive CORK PADEL anti-vibration system.

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Weight: 360-375 gr
Balance: high
Shape: diamond
Frame: double carbon
Surface layers: cork / 24k carbon / innegra + carbon / 3k carbon / fiberglass
Rubber: Black EVA Soft High Recovery
Feel: medium/hard
Finish: raw with gold inlay

Exclusive and patented anti-vibration system


Cork’s supreme power will prove everyone wrong. On paper, it’s aimed at those who prefer attacking play, but in reality, even control-oriented devil players have made it their weapon of choice due to the graceful touch.

The Cork Supreme Power is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And you better have a wolf by your side than in front of you.


Strike zone: 80%
Handling: 80%
Power: 100%
Efficiency: 70%
Control: 85%